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Refund Policy


You may cancel your order by giving us 24hrs notice of cancellation prior to delivery of the goods to you or collection from our depot. Such notice may be given by phone, fax or email. A unique order cancellation number will be issued and should be quoted in any correspondence.

Faulty Goods

All products available fro Britannia Access Hire are fully inspected prior to release on Hire. Our Hire advice note will detail equipment that has been hired and in respect of Tower Hire a detailed component list will be incorporated into the advice note. If for any reason a hired unit or a component part is found to be faulty that is preventing  use of the product or assembly in respect of towers then we would ask that you call our team on 07845 694992

At this point our best endeavours will be made to replace the faulty unit or faulty component that will allow the hire to proceed.

If we are unable to do this then we will arrange for collection of the equipment and a full refund of the hire charges will be made.

Product faults whilst on hire or in use.

If a product becomes faulty whilst on hire as a result of general wear and tear and the product is  in use then we would ask that you call our team immediately on 01628 669944. If necessary we will send a member of our team to site to assess and repair the unit if possible to allow the hire to proceed. Alternatively we will supply a replacement part or unit that will allow the Hire to continue.

If the reported faulty unit can not be repaired or replaced then we will collect the product and refund the remaining balance of the Hire period in full.

If the Fault has been caused as a result of incorrect use, malicious damage or other event outside what could be considered normal use then no refund of Hire Charges will be applicable and the cost of restoring the unit to a workable condition will be charged.

Faulty goods reported but unavailable for collection.

If we send a member of our team to repair, replace or collect faulty products and these products are "unavailable" they will be deemed to be still on hire up until, such time they are returned to us for repair or replacement.

Products hired not suitable for proposed use.

If a customer has hired a unit that subsequently does not do what the hirer has intended then please call us on 01628 669944 so as we may discuss alternatives. We will endeavour to find equipment better suited to your requirements that will allow the hire to continue. If no alternative can be found and the hire in effect becomes redundant then we will make a full refund less any previously quoted transports charges.

How are refunds made

Once agreed, refunds will be made via the payment method used when the order was placed.